Individual Psychotherapy

Individual therapy focuses on the individual patient in order to provide a clearer understanding of the individual’s concerns and to work towards accomplishing their desired goals.

The benefit to participating in individual psychotherapy is the ability to enhance personal growth by gaining insight into your personal concerns, clarifying your goals and values and improving your coping skills. Often times, change involves an extensive process and can trigger intense feelings, such as frustration. However, your effort, in and out of session, has a significant impact on your progress. Thus, it is encouraged that you maintain an open discussion about your progress within your sessions.

Psychological Assessment

A psychological assessment is a process which a professional evaluates a client’s psychological, emotional and behavioral well being status through clinical interview and formal testing. The initial consultation lasts approximately and hour and a half. During the clinical interview the clinician assesses the history and presenting problem using the clinical interview assessment format developed at our center and further recommendations for treatment or formal psychological testing are made.

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy, counseling or psychotherapy is a process through which clients work with a trained professional in a safe and caring environment to explore feelings, beliefs and behaviors to gain awareness, resolve conflicts , alleviate problems that may interfere with personal, interpersonal and professional goals.

People seek therapy for a variety of reasons that range from coping with unresolved issues or trauma to coping with changes in life , dealing with depression or anxiety to seeking personal growth and increase self awareness and self management .

At our center we focus on brief psychodynamic therapy. During the first consultation , the therapist conducts a clinical interview with emphasis on the presenting problem , followed by a brief lifestyle assessment and a detailed psychotherapy plan . The client and therapist work together on setting the goals, treatment plan and duration of psychotherapy. The therapeutic contract is checked regularly for its efficacy and effectiveness.

Individual therapy aims to help the patient gain insight, develop empathy and management skills, via cognitive and mindfulness techniques to promote integration and harmony.