Pnoi Psychotherapy Center

At our center we integrate a systematic approach to helping individuals face and overcome the challenges in life. Incorporating elements from Gestalt, Mindfulness, Object Relations and cognitive behavioral models we approach issues in a holistic manner. Our emphasis is on identifying thinking-feeling-acting patterns using experiential and cognitive-behavioral techniques .

Our basic view is that early life experiences and unmet needs in childhood can result in maladaptive schemas in thinking, feeling and behaving. All humans have core emotional needs that are universal, the need for safety, nurturance, acceptance, autonomy, competence , self expression , self boundaries, and playfulness. These needs are universal but when repeatedly thwarted , can result in frustration instead of gratification leading to symptomatic behaviors. Repeated negative life experiences or traumas may be deeply ingrained into our being , creating a sense of hopelessness , worthlessness, powerlessness and meaningless .

The focus of psychotherapy is on understanding the individual’s concerns and working towards accomplishing their desired goals. Psychotherapy aims to enhance personal growth by gaining insight into your personal concerns, clarifying your goals and values and improving your coping skills.

Therapy is an an interactive process, that focuses on empathy and positive regards, that results in client’s greater self understanding, self acceptance and embodied awareness. The treatment phase incorporates experiential , cognitive and focusing strategies to mobile the client to achieve integration and healthier coping styles.

What to Expect in Your Therapy Session

During your first visit a clinical evaluation that includes the diagnostic interview and a self assessment questionnaire will be administered, which will give you the opportunity to gain awareness of your concerns, symptoms and desired areas of improvement. Following the evaluation, you will have the opportunity to collaboratively develop a treatment plan with your therapist, and work through identified areas of concern, gain insight of your thinking, feelings and how these are intertwined into your decision making and coping responses to areas of concern.

Duration of Therapy

The initial intake session includes a clinical assessment and a self administered evaluation that lasts an hour and twenty minutes. During the initial session the problem area is conceptualized and therapeutic goals are defined . The length of sessions, after the initial intake session, lasts 50 minutes, and duration depends on the individual’s area of concern and therapeutic goals. Therapy is co-joint process that involves the collaboration of both therapist and client and a regular assessment of the therapy process.